Intense Math, Part VIII

Intense Math has been selected to screen at the 7th Annual Math Film Festival presented by the University of Montana Math Club. Thanks to Jenny McNulty for considering and including our film. Now we'll really see if our little film is offensive to actual mathematicians.

The Sound of Silence

Anyone that has been to my house knows about my screaming PC. Not screaming fast. Screaming loud.

It has been that way ever since the move to the X-Blade case last year. The X-Blade was supposed to be cool because it had a window on the side and a number of fans and lights. However, the construction was a little flimsy, and the fans were loud. Along with a very loud P4 fan, it added up to noise that could be heard at the other end of the house on a quiet night.

So, I just picked up the Nexus Breeze 500 case and installed everything yesterday. Wow, light years difference. It has just one big fan for intake, and the power supply for output, and is completely sealed to control the airflow. Both fans are slient fans. The case is well constructed, with sound-dampening foam on every possible surface inside. It's a night and day difference, and will be even quieter when I get it mounted up on a solid surface. It is now safe to go back into the computer room.

Since I was switching cases, I tossed in a new Pioneer DVD -/+ R/RW DL drive, and a new Seagate 300GB SATA drive. So, now I have 200GB, 250GB, 300GB drives. It won't be long until I need another.


TucsonFilm.com ShortFest 2006, Part I

Matter of Chance Productions is proud to announce that two of our films have been selected from the TucsonFilm.com ShortFest 2006. Leonardo (the final version, slightly longer than the Screen Wars version) and Pantomiming (one of Brock H. Brown's fine student films). The festival takes place on Saturday, April 15, 2006 in Tucson. We hope to see you there!