Mystery Wordle

OK, it was too much fun. What could be the source of this Wordle, and why is it telling me to "eat donuts like Mason?"

Sans Hands Wordle

Maybe this is old hat to you guys, but I just found Wordle today. Above is a Wordle of the full text of Sans Hands.


Tent Set for Sale

Matter of Chance Productions is selling the tent set we built for Wildlifeless. If you are working on a film that takes place in a jungle, a war film, or anything involving a big tent, this set could be just what you need.

The tent set is basically three sides of a 10' x 16' canvas wall tent. It is 8' high and designed for studio use. It is built of sturdy 2x4's with thick natual/yellowish fireproof canvas. It was design in four sections that fold up for easy transportation in the bed of a standard pick-up truck. There are a variety of ways to support it. We did so with a bunch of C-stands and lots of sandbags.

We are including lots of dark bamboo to look like supports, a bunch of extra canvas, and we even have two smaller A-frame tents as well. We may have some additional items left over from our film that you might be interested in for dressing up the tent.

The tent set cost around $400 to build from raw materials. We are asking $60 for everything. Buyer must come and pick it up in North Phoenix.


Wildlifeless Doco, Part I

We are working on a short documentary on the making of Wildlifeless. It will consist mostly of an interview with Brock, along with behind the scenes footage and stills from location scouting, casting, production, and so on. Above is a still from the interview that we shot tonight. Brock is looking fine and on his game. Look for the Collector's Edition of Wildlifeless coming soon.