The Peoples' Champion, Part IV

The Peoples' Champion has been officially selected by the TucsonFilm.com ShortFest for their 2007 festival. The film will screen Saturday, April 14, 7pm, at the University of Arizona's Gallagher Theater. Festival tickets are $10.



So, here's what I've been working on the last week:
  • John Philip Sousa Gets a Haircut - Got the project files from Bruce, did color correction, and output a nice digital master and MPEG's for DVD. It's looking very slick. Hopefully the new version will air this Wednesday on Screen Wars (if the film makes it through). If not, the final version will screen at the Phoenix Film Festival. Also got permission to include it on future MOC DVD's.
  • Flim Flam - The film has largely been done for many months, but had some audio problems and the audio never got a polished mixdown. I used some new techniques (from the DV Rebel's Guide) to reprocess the color correction for better quality, fixed the audio issues, and did the final mixdown. The finished product turned out really great. As with all of our films, you never know until everything is nice and polished if you have a good film or not. It's very good, some of Brock's classic cynical comedy moments.
  • The Peoples' Champion - After having a month to distance, did a few tweaks here and there and cut the digital master.
  • Wildilfeless - The score is a "lamb's hair" from completion, so I've brought up the footage again and am reprocessing the color correction for better quality (the Rebel's Guide again), awaiting the audio files. All we'll need when it comes back is to record and mix in a few grunts and groans, and this film is done. It was January 2005 when Brock originally posted the screenplay on Leonard Hughes. We'll all need to celebrate this one.
  • Days of Being Wrinkle Free - Reprocessing the footage, will have a final cut by the end of the week. I made the decision to find a native Chinese speaker to do the voiceover. Any suggestions on where I might find someone?
  • Tim Nm, CPA - I'll get the footage reprocessing once DoBWF finishes up. I'm going to take a whole new approach to this one. I'm going to get some outside opinions on what is and is not working with this film. It needs to be drastically cut down. Particularly, the opening scene is weak, and it gets better from there, but perhaps too late to keep peoples attention, so I have to keep it snappy. So, sadly not a feature after all, but it'll be much better off for it.
  • MOC DVD - We've got a nice featurette in the works for our first official DVD release. We'll go through the behinds-the-scenes action of our first seventeen films, bringing in all the outtakes, production stills, and artifacts we can dig up. Will feature new interviews with the whole crew, and we'll return to the scene of the crimes for some new on-location footage. Should be a lot of fun over the next couple months pulling it all together.

Oh, and did everyone catch these cool behinds-the-scenes pics from JPSGaH? Picture 1 - Picture 2