Sleepy Tongue

I landed in Providence around 10:30. The Bertucci's near the airport was closed. The Wendy's in North Attleborough was closed. The Dunkin' Donuts in Franklin was closed. So, I had to hit the Taco Bell (always regretable). A chrunchy taco supreme, spicy chicken crunchwrap supreme, and a baja gordita. I got to mom's and took the only sleep medicine she had, some generic cherry liquid Benedryl. Within a minute, my tongue was asleep and uncomfortable. I couldn't taste my Taco Bell, which is probably for the better, so I tossed it. Oh, well, I'm having breakfast in a few hours at James' Roadside.


Day For Night Test

This evening Brock, Angie, and I did some Day For Night (DFN) tests with the new Panasonic DVX100B camera. DFN is a common technique use in filmmaking when it is impractical to actually light and shoot at night, but the scene must have the look of night. While it is very common, there wasn't a comprehensive tutorial available online. So, I cooked up my own special recipe from all of the research I could find. I'll post that soon.

PS - The tests are in preparation for Wildlifeless, Brock's new action/adventure film.



Here is one of the most well thought out and presented articles on Spielberg I've ever read. It hits a lot of points we've discussed, but has some good perspective on them.