Rarer Than I Thought

Wow! I didn't realize how rare some of these 7" records were. It's very bittersweet to part with some of these rare Pedro the Lion/David Bazan singles. The one pictured above, and featured in this listing, is hand-numbered 207 out of a limited presssing of 500. How cool is that? But I've never even played the vast majority of these things.



A Sad Day

All of my rare Sparklehorse 7" records went on sale today on eBay. You can see the list here. And there are more bands to come soon. I knew this day had to come eventually. In reality, I have never even listened to most of these records I have. What's the point?

With the move coming up soon we can use all the money we can get to help ease the transition. We had a yard sale last weekend and I'll be having an eBay style yard sale over the next few weeks. Happy bidding!

A Challenge

And here's a challenge with a few friends. I'm going to get my butt whooped at some point.

Two Running Goals

I know these seem pretty weak, but I just thought I'd share. I blew out my knee about a month ago so I'm trying to work my way up slowly.