My Brothers!

Congratulations, boys! You are officially in print in the Phoenix New Times. Jeremy wielding the camera, Carl folding like a fiend. Matter of Chance Productions is on the map. All we have to do now is deliver the goods!


Joshua Provost said...

I am a little disappointed they didn't list the team members names. I was really looking forward to seeing "Brock H. Brown" in print.

Gabe said...

Yeah, we're the "other members." ;-)
We may need to get this production company going. My friend Robert from work started his own business last year and want us to do his commercial.

Brock said...

I wasn't put off about the names as much as I was psyced to see "Matter of Chance" in print.

I think this could turn into a serious production company if we really keep at it and solicit ourselves. Also...we need to follow through on the work people want us to do.