Intense Math, Part II

You'll be happy to know that I dropped off Intense Math at the Phoenix Film Project office yesterday afternoon. That's a full day before the deadline, and that may be a new record. In case you missed it, Screen Wars will begin on Saturday, April 2, 5:30pm, on AZTV, Cox cable channel 13. Be there or be square.


Gabe said...

Excellent work, Josh.

I think you should put up another screen shot below this one, but with the exclamation point. It'll be like a test screening. I have to say that without it, it seems pretty bland. If it had the exclamation point, I think I would've laughed. ;-)

Joshua Provost said...

Leaving out the exclamation point will go down as my single biggest cinematic regret. It is a sad day.

Brock said...

Eh, Welles wanted carte blanche on all his flicks, but he had to make compromises too.