Lost In Translation

Jeremy, I know you will appreicate this. Here's a little tool to give your next screenplay a good working over.

Hey, there's more. I finally found a translator that includes pinyin, the English phonetic spellings of Chinese words. It won't translate whole phrases, but you can do things one word at a time.

Have you seen the trailer for 2046? Wow, what a trip. It's WKW, with hints of 2001 and AI. I have to see this movie!


Brock said...

That trailer is crazy. It's like the future, but it isn't...it's like the point where high-tech clashed with old-design.

Gabe said...

Some of it felt like Gattaca too. Pretty trippy indeed.

Jeremy said...

See if you can name where this phrase came from?

"They appreciate the fragmentation hand grenade?"