I'm working up in Greeley, CO for a few days. Not much here to see and it smells like cattle, and fertilizer. I did find a nice little Mexican restaurant, El Pueblito, and had some flautas for lunch. Mui sabroso!


Gabe said...

Greeley!? Interesting. Will you get to hang out in Denver at all?

Joshua Provost said...

Yeh, not quite what I bargained for. I guess flying in to Denver qualifies as going to Denver. Last night I hit the local meeting, but I'm free tonight. Wouldn't know what to see, it's kind of sucky eating alone, for instance.

Gabe said...

Yeah, couldn't tell you anything about Greeley. Actually, I don't know a whole lot of places in Denver either. Though I grew up in Colorado, I've only been to Denver a few times.