IFC Media Lab

Well, it's way overdue to let everyone know about IFC's Media Lab. It is a new web site from IFC that allows posting and voting on short films. The top films get aired on IFC.

Nearly all of the Matter of Chance repertoire is posted there, sans AGTC (too long) and Rendezvous (too new). So, please do check it out, sign up, and vote for your favorites. Let your friends know. This is a chance to get our films out to a much bigger audience.

The site is is, from what I can surmise, IFC's response to the overabundance of short films being produced these days. Put it out to the public, and let them pre-filter the content. This saves the channel the arduous task of individually judging all of these films to determine what to air.

Of course, with anything based on Internet voting, there are some problems. The rating scale is from 0-10, but the top films are only coming in at the high 4's. I would guess that since, at this time, it is mostly filmmakers voting on each other (the competition), that there is a bit of bias reflected in the scores. Personally, I have voted across the full scale, most of the time voting for even average films higher than their current average scores.

Just like Screen Wars, which was also a great venue, but also based on audience voting, the best films didn't always make the cut. I personally favor a jury process (obviously not possible with something on the scale of Media Lab), which is what makes the A3F so great, and why I am hopeful for the PFP's Dead of Winter film challenge.

In a way, there is some jurying going on, since IFC has requested to take Leonardo with them to the SxSW Film Festival, as a showcase of the quality of the films being submitted to Media Lab.

The films are also available on Studentfilmakers.com Bogen Imaging Contest, which has top prizes from $3,000-9,000. No need to vote on those, they will be judged, but that site does allow posting comments if anyone felt so inclined.


Gabe said...

Sweet, I just went to the Media Lab link and Intense Math was on the front page under "Featured Films."

Joshua Provost said...

Yeh, and Leonardo was featured last week. I've got just a few more forms to collect, and we're good to go with IFC. Marco even got back to me!

Gabe said...

Interesting comments we received on some of our films for Bogen.
"TRASH!" Nice.

Joshua Provost said...

Ah, I only read the positive comments. Jealous filmmakers. Actually, someone had gone through and trashed all of our films on there. They removed the comments shortly thereafter and put up a notice about abusive comments.