My Razzleberry Pie

Here's a bit of Wong-Kar Wai news:


Sounds like a fantastic choice of actress. Too bad about The Lady From Shanghai. Of course, like all WKW news, this should be taken with a grain of salt. Consider how long it took 2046 to materialize.


Brock said...

Natalie Portman! woot!

Interesting choice in Norah Jones. I like his way of describing why he picked her. I get what he's basically saying...I think. I'm looking forward to it.

Gabe said...

Uh, oh. A bunch of American actors? Will that sense of foreign language film mystique be gone? Tune in!

HudBud said...

I thought about that too. Part of the charm of his films is that they are in another language (not to discredit his talent). I think he's particular enough though that the film will still have that "tone".

Brock said...

Hahahah...Hudson was still signed in. Doh.

Joshua Provost said...

The Lady from Shanghai has been rumored for years now, with Nicole Kidman, and has never happened. So, we've been curious to see what his "Hollywood" film would be like for a while. I wonder if these projects will ever actually happen.

If language is a big question, then I think a good test of his films would be watch them on mute. I think visually they would still be captivating and distinctive, without the foreign lanugage, voiceovers, and use of music that is immediately distinctive. Which begs another question: How will his films look without Chris Doyle as the DP (a genius in his own right)?

I got a French book about WKW and his films on the trip. It's an interesting read, and I'm learning new things about the films I never knew. Can't wait to finish it. Also got a great book of interviews with Godard, now that guy is a genius. More on that later.

Brock said...

Doyle is brilliant, and he's now hooked up with M. Night (Lady in the Water). BUT, WKW isn't exactly trading down. The rumored DP for Blueberry Nights is Darius Khondji, a brilliant DP who has worked with David Fincher and Chris Cunningham. His most noted recent work is a film we all enjoy...The Interpreter. I think the style will be similar because it's still WKW at the helm...but this is a new collaborator for him.