The 53 Best Moon Is No More Songs - Implode - 7

7. Implode

I thought I'd get one in for Joshua before I hit the road to Louisiana.

Implode, in a word, rocks. JAG would say that it "kicks rocks." There is no doubt that this song rocks harder than any other in the Moon Is No More catalog. That alone has to qualify it for the top 10, right?

Joshua created an amazingly catchy bit o' guitar that travels up and down the neck. Meanwhile, you get to hear me sing, "Im-plode innnn-side / de-bris hiiiide." I think I sing the word "debris" kind of funny. Only Angie can explain it. The lyrics are not the finest, but they make do. There's something very earnest and urgent about them. Some combination of the words and the delivery just make me feel uncomfortable in a good way.

This is a pretty short song, but perfectly so. It doesn't overstay its welcome. It knocks on your door, blows you away, and then it's gone as quick as it came.

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Joshua Provost said...

Rightly so that we opened most (that being two out of three) of our shows with this song.

Jeremy pronounces debris like deb-riz. It's unique. It's TMINM.

This is an urgent song in every way. It's imploring you to just implode and get it over with. It writhes and explodes. Good pick.