The 53 Best Moon Is No More Songs - It's The Children That Are Hurt The Most, Part II - 1

1. It's The Children That Are Hurt The Most, Part II

It's been a long journey to get to the top. I went back and looked: the first of these posts was on August 17th, 2006. Yep, almost 6 full months ago. Hard to believe, but true. You can get the whole list of songs at http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pk1PbUEtJKRDWSkygODiDPg.

There really isn't much more to say at this point. While it was tough to decide between the top two this one wins. The credit probably goes to the subject matter. While $545.78 has a nice emotional edge, it's false. This song rings true.

Ultimately, it is the core of the Jeffrey L. Allen CD, as we had envisioned it. It was to be the final song that wrapped everything up. Only there's no nice bow to be found. Just more anguish and therapy, on and on.

The rhymes and structure are about as solid as it gets for me. Plus, I've always wanted to put "pre-nup" into a song.

Another thing that's great about this song is it's flexibility. It works great acoustic or electric; works great with quiet or screamed vocals (or both); it works great with minimal or maximum instrumentation. It has a variety of tempo changes to keep things interesting and ends on an emotional high.

Thanks for tuning in everybody. Hope you enjoyed the songs.

So, Joshua, what's next? Ready to hit the studio? How many tracks can fit on the super album? What's in and what's out?


Joshua Provost said...

Now that you're done, it's time for my response. Not sure that I'll post them one by one or in groups... or maybe just a nice graphic with your top list and mine side by side, with color coding and lines linking songs to illusrate the parity or disparity between our selections.

Basically, between your list and faves and mine, I think we can come up with a list of priorities for the mega-album. Working from the most important songs down, I think we can rough out what'll fit on the album and cut it off at some point.

I also think that we need to identity our "must-haves", perhaps just our top 5's, which must be on the album, even if they end up last place in the others list.

Following that, with the songs selected, I think we should really open the process like never before. Post all the lyrical and musical revisions, and really get some input. Brock and Gabe are all over music, they could be a real help, and offer some honest criticism. Yes, there are songs that need to go out just as they are, maybe even an already existing recording. The vast majority need a little bit of work to be worth listening to. A little bit of Micah's drumming here, a little more complex bass part there, you know.

Brock said...

Wow. Interesting (but logical choice) for number 1. I'm interested in seeing Josh's selection...