The Peoples' Champion, Part III

The Peoples' Champion got some recognition at the A3F Top 20 Screening on March 1. The film placed 5th among dramas and 10th overall (among over 60 competing films). The big award was 2nd place for Acting. Good job by Gabe and Angie, the MOC newcomers Aaron, Jennifer, Matt, and Bob, and all those who composed the Champions Street Team!

The film is currently screening at undergoundfilm.org, and we'll have a neatly polished final version on DVD soon (any fine tuning suggestions, anyone?).


Jeremy said...

I just have three things to say:

- TMINM Super Album
- Tim Nm, CPA
- Days of Being Wrinkle Free

Joshua Provost said...

Wow, you are asking a lot of TMINM. Those guys just completed the entire soundtrack to The Peoples' Champion, and you want the super album, too?!

It looks like MOC might be slowing down for a while, so I shall dig back in to those projects, for sure.