I have no experience in screenwriting software but I thought this looked cool so I'm passing it along.

PlotBot is a new, free online screenwriting site that allows you to collaborate with others on a screenplay. There's a great demo of how the software works right on the front page so it's at least worth a look. While writing you can quickly toggle between dialogue, sluglines, and action. Collaborate with others, track changes, comment on any piece of the script, star your favorite bits (or perhaps bits that need reworking). Enjoy!

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Brock said...

That's pretty slick. Looks like it performs all the functions of a normal screenwriting program...in your browser of course. I haven't registered for it yet, so I couldn't comment on any downsides. For those casual collaboraters, this could be a fun way to collaborate online without having to use the same formatting software. Which, even though you can overcome with different exporting features...can be a real pain when you just want to write and not think about that junk.

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