121 Sale Pending

121 Sale Pending
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Yep. We signed the purchase and sale last Friday. Looks like everything is going forward. We close on the 16th of November.


Joshua Provost said...

It'll be sad to see this place go. It had a lot of charm. The kitchen floor, in particular, was full of charm, if you think undulations are charming. The game room also had lots of charm, if you think lead paint is charming. It sounds like I'm being negative, but I'm not. It's all said in love.

That is just about the last straw in the Tim Nm location legacy. Campus Laundry got remodeled, the empty mill got turned into a restaurant, the Zeotrope got raised, and the house is changing hands. Next thing, they'll implode the library.

Jeremy said...

Those were all really nice points. You could have at least included a Zillow link to make me feel even worse.