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I discovered the band Beirut recently while listening to WERS (88.9 here in Boston; also streaming online for those who'd like to check it out).

Listen to Postcards from Italy (this is a live version via Songza).

Of course the instant comparison is Neutral Milk Hotel. But this guy is doing something different. The rest of the his first album, Gulag Orkestar, isn't as close a match. And that's probably a good thing. Everyone needs to forge their own sound. Beirut has acheived that. The album is solid from front to back. I can't wait to check out their follow-up The Flying Club Cup.

It's been awhile since I've had an album sneak up on me like this. One of those albums that takes 6 listens before you really appreciate it. Like the way Good Morning Spider did so many years ago.

So, follow these instructions:


Gabe said...

Man, "Postcards from Italy" was on my "Winter Mix '06" mix CD! That's a whole year ago now. I guess I should've sent you a copy. Yet, despite how much I liked that song, I never bought the album.

Check out the band, "Dirty Projectors." You may like them as well.

Jeremy said...

I guess I'm a little behind. Write up a Dirty Projectors post with a song sample.

Joshua Provost said...

Here's all you need to know about Dirty Projectors (and this came from Gabe originally): http://www.blogotheque.net/takeawayshows/

Show #55 is Dirty Projectors. The openeing song with it's dirty cop references sung within a few feet of onlooking police is priceless. These guys are outrageous.

Not to be missed is #50, which is the Russian Arc of indie music. I find this video astonishing.

Gabe said...

Exactly what I was going to do.

Gabe said...

I made a short post about Take Away Shows. But #50 has been broken up with only three of the artists available for viewing now. A shame!!!