Chungking Express Blu-Ray

It was exciting to see the anouncement that The Criterion Collection will be releasing Blu-Ray discs for the first time, beginning in November. I've actually been holding back in buying DVD's lately, waiting in limbo to see how this developed.

Among the first discs available is Wong Kar Wai's iconic 1994 film "Chungking Express." I'm excited to see this in HD, considering I was never able to catch it on the big screen. There look to be some interesting special features as well, including an interview with Wong and Chris Doyle.

Yet, one line of the description disturbed me a little:

New and improved English subtitle translation

The English subtitle translation, of course, is our gateway into the language of this film. Will it still be a very emotional towel? Will Cop 223 still ask Woman in Blonde Wig "Would you fancy some pineapple?" We'll have to wait and see.


Jeremy said...

Interesting. Will this be available on regular old DVD, too?

Joshua Provost said...

You bet!

Gabe said...

Heck, just buy whatever format, doesn't matter anymore. Samsung CEO says Blu-Ray will be out in 5 years.

Joshua Provost said...

What's next?

Brock said...

The question isn't what's next...it's why should there be anything next?

"There is no spoon."

Or format, rather.

1minutefilmreview said...

Loved the film. We're WKW fans too.