Chair Burning

It was a fun night all around. Brock, Parker, and Hudson, along with Gabe, Rebekah, and Zoe came out for some good eats at Cibo. Then we headed over to the IFP/PHX office for a mixer and spread the word about White Bread. Finally, over to Gary and Lori's, where the whole family (including JAG, Crystal, Adam, DRG) watched as we burned the Wildlifeless chair. It went off pretty much to plan. We had one shot, and I think we made the most of it.

Check out the image, this is about ten minutes of fiddling in Photoshop. It'll look way cooler in motion, you can be sure.


Jeremy said...

Why are you burning a chair?

Joshua Provost said...

I guess you'll have to watch the featurette on the Wildlifeless DVD to find out.