Jandek On Corwood

I think I've told you all about Jandek at some point in the past. Jandek has become a mild obsession for me over the last year. Music aside, the story of Jandek is fascinating. In brief, Jandek has been putting out strange, haunting albums, presumably on his own label, for some twnety-six years now. Thirty-seven albums and counting of mostly sloppy vocals and untrained guitar work with lyrics that consistently read like a suicide note. If this is a practical joke, he's shown infinite patience in the payoff.

The phenomenon that is Jandek prompted the documentary film, Jandek On Corwood, as much about mystique of reclusivness as any perceived musical genius at work. The film has been making the film festival circuit over the last year, but never come to Phoenix. Finally, it has been announced that the film will be available on DVD November 23. It's also playing right now at Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA, for one week only. Like Jandek, the filmmakers have successfully limited avaiability to create anticipation and underground demand.


Jeremy said...

Here's how you know that a movie is going to be good: You e-mail the director and he e-mails you back the very next day.

I'm going to be checking this out on Wednesday night and I'll let everyone know how it is.

Joshua Provost said...

Are you sure that's a positive sign? The Village was good, but good luck trying to email Muldog, or whatever his name is.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, actually, I think you're right. After I typed that I started to have second thoughts on that opinion. What? He has nothing better to do?

And its Manoj.