The Man, The Legend

I felt it prudent to release the following announcement regarding products in the line of the second greatest man who ever lived: Larry Bird: A Basketball Legend is getting new life on DVD come November 2nd, 2004 (by the way, this film is glaringly absent from IMDB.com, for shame). I recommend that you make an advance order through Amazon.com (insert "early Bird" joke here). While you're at it, feel free to have a copy shipped directly to the home of your favorite blogger. Contact me if you need shipping instructions.

This is the 25th Anniversary Edition of Larry Bird: A Basketball Legend, which seems odd since the original film was released in 1991. Apparently, they are commemorating 1979, the year that Larry joined the Boston Celtics and the NBA. Of course, that doesn't make much sense, since this in-depth films covers much more than the professional years of Larry Legend. No, it goes way back, to his childhood, his failure at Indiana University, his re-birth at ISU, etc., etc., and so on. None of this makes much of a difference, though, since it matters little what flimsy excuse the distributor had for this re-release. The point is: the moment we've been waiting for with baited breath has arrived. This is a good thing; this is a great thing; in the way of basketball films, this is the only thing you need.


Brock said...

For a second there, I thought that was the cover of "A Day in the Life". I was gonna say "daaang, you guys gave it a worthy package".

Joshua Provost said...

Sorry Jer, Derek Larson laid claim to the title "Second Greatest Man Who Ever Lived." It looks like they are trying to beat "Larry Bird: A Day In The Life" to the market. They think their glossy packages are so hot. Commercialism!

Brock said...

Just hype "A Day..." up as the un-glossed look into the star's life.