Not To Be Confused With "Nowhere Man," Sans Whiskey Girl

I'm ashamed of myself. The blogging has come to a complete halt. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

While I try to get my act together, enjoy this review of Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl. In the words of the self-proclaimed "editor, publisher, la dee dah," "It took some time, but it glows."

Hey! They made the front page (and the top of the front page, no less): http://www.moregoatthangoose.com/

Here's the review: http://www.moregoatthangoose.com/cds/cds.php?cd=00008


Joshua Provost said...

Eleven months since I sent out the promo CDs, and new reviews still coming in. I just can plan around those timelines. Another positive review in the bag, sweet!

A real conversation while booking shows for NMWG:

Booking Guy (BG): What the name of this band, again? Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Bitch?

Josh Provost (JP): No, Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl.

BG: Oh... too bad.

Gabe said...

Way to go!