Last night I had a rare honor. Esteemed filmmaker Brock H. Brown inconspicuously handed me a normal enough looking video tape. It contained the raw footage to his semester project at film school, Pantomiming. Enthusiastically, I popped the tape in as soon as I arrived home.

I won't divulge any details, and can only provide the fuzzed out image of an anonymous crew member depicted above. What I can say is that this is a legendary film in the making. Excellent concept and writing, well executed, creative composition and angles, and a few shots that will drop your jaw, or at least bring a smile to the face.

The film is solid in its own right. One only wonders what further heights could have been reached with the original screenplay (pre-censorship) and the original location (pre-railings).

I can't wait to see the finished product. Congrats Brock!


Brock said...

Thanks for the kind words Josh. I'm glad you liked the film. I think it will be more impacting once I edit it together. I ought to have a rough cut soon, maybe even a finished cut. I won't show it though until the rest of the film is finished, color corrections, edits and all. Bringing a smile to your face - that was my main objective.

I liked your description of your viewing. Thanks man!

Gabe said...

Can't wait to see it.