Leonardo, Part III

If I knew one thing about our Screen Wars Drama submission, Leonardo, it was that lead actor and friend Marco Galli was a lock for Best Actor. Tonight, at the awards ceremony and mixer, this proved true... and much more.

Congrats to Marco for his award, to Angie for winning Best Actress (for looking stunning in a picture, I suppose), and to the whole cast, including Brock, Joe, Bonnie, Eddie, Luke, Larry, and Tim, for Best Ensemble Acting.

Finally, we won for Best Cinematography. I say we because the lighting work we did required a lot of help and equipment. So, if not for Gabe, Ken, and Brock also assisting in this area, this award would not be possible.

Big night for Matter of Chance, wish I was there!


Brock said...

Yes, it was a big night for Matter of Chance. I did expect Marco to win the best actor award, but I didn't expect to sweep the entire category. I also thought that Cold War might edge us out in Cinematography. But, we made some considerable headway with this film. Angie now has two "best actress" awards to her name - time for her to move on to features.

I was really pleased with a lot of the choices though - even the ones we didn't win. The Really Really Late Show got best story, which it sorely deserved. They also shared the best actress award with Angie. (I really enjoyed the performances in that film) And The Redroom got best editing. Those two were easily my favorite films, so it was great to see them pick up honors.

Gabe said...

It was a pleasure.

I didn't see - did "Supper Time" when any awards besides overall?

Brock said...


Joshua Provost said...

Most important question: Were we rocking a team flag?

Brock said...

Unfortunately, no.

Gabe said...
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Joshua Provost said...

I saw Marco's smiling face on the Screen Wars web site, and I had to update the picture.

RGL said...

Kudos to all involved in Leonardo! Nice work all around.

I can't believe SUPPERTIME won anything, let alone the biggest prize. That was one inane piece of milquetoasty filmmaking right there.

Ahh, I don't get these contests sometimes.