I'm here in Massachusetts through Labor Day working on a project. The work is good. The bed is hard, and there is no air conditioning at Big Momma's House. That's typical for the Boston area. It's almost 90 degrees with about 70% humidity right now. On the news last night, they had a humidity meter that went from Low to Hot to Oppressive and we were squarely between Hot and Oppressive. Nice. Went to the book study and then the gym with Jeremy last night. Ran a couple miles, did a few stairs (I don't think I weigh enough to make the stair machine work properly). If I go back, I'm working my shoulders, see if it does any good for my chronic shoulder pain. Not sitting in front of a computer all day every day bloggin probably is a better long-term solution, just not possible right now.

Anyway, I'm not going to do a daily log this time out, since this is business, not necessarily pleasure. Though, we will do some fun things. Hopefully hit the Water Hazard mini golf and play some basketball this week.

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