No More Sunsets

My how things change, even in a small town.

Last night Angie and I had some time to blow after dinner, so we headed to downtown Franklin and settled on hanging out in the library for a while. OK, so we were basically waiting to watch Lost, which isn't on until 9pm on the East Coast. Marco would have you believe that we should have eaten dinner after Lost, instead of before, that we had eaten way too early. Yet, again, we are Americans, and we act like old people. Anyway, I have diverged.

So, we had an hour and a half, so we got some books on Cuba (and I got a book on Esperanto), and we read. It was while looking around that we noticed that all of the bins had been reversed in the archived magazine section. Instead of the nice greens and blues walls of bins, the various colors of the magazines had been exposed. There are some cool shots in Tim Nm, CPA that involve the bins set up the old way. It hasn't been a year yet, but things change.

On top of that, Campus Laundry Express, the landromat made famous in Days of Being Wrinkle Free, has been spruced up and painted a shade of blue-green. It, too, is very different compared to the last time we were there.

All of this makes me wish I was home, working on editing these two fabled unfinished films.

I have also noticed in myself a growing fascination with laundromats. I am starting to see them everywhere, and even seek them out. Even if I am driving, I gaze at them longingly as I pass by. I have a feeling that Days of Being Wrinkle Free will not be the last film I make in a laundromat. For that matter, AGTC will by no means be the last film I make in a library. The New Times article was oddly prescient.

Perhaps there is a legend of laundromat films in the making, much like the legend of Brock H. Brown's crazy films: I'm Not Crazy, Outside In, The Subject, and whatever else is to come.


Brock said...

I've found a lot of foreshadowing and irony in that New Times article. Before we even had the guidelines for the 48-hour contest, we tossed around the idea of shooting in the library. It happened and now we're probably going to do it again.

Side note: Ironically, you stated that you would never get someone to strip in front of your camera, but months after you made that statement you made Johnny B. Naked. True, he wasn't really naked, but it's still pretty amazing.

Joshua Provost said...

See that, making movies at 2am can lead to going against your better judgement. Tragic.

I dug up some bigger Tim Nm/Days of Being Wrinkle Free frame grabs.