Winter Vacation - Day Fourteen

Oh, what a long and eventful day this has been!

We spent the night at the Cape house and were up around 10:00am. Grandma made pancakes for breakfast. We all got ready and as the grandparents went to the Cape Cod Mall with JAG and Dominic in tow, we went by Micah's to check on him and help him with one final unload of his drum kit back into his basement. We met up with them at the mall, and I got out of there without too many unnecessary purchases. Only a pair of fuzzy red socks that transform Angie's feet into the feet of a Muppet, likely Elmo. How lovely.

We went out looking for one last Chinese food fix for JAG. The selection is slim on Cape Cod, and we ended up at some Dragon place on Main Street in Hyannis. The food was acceptable, but not great. However, it was Chinese food, on the Cape, with the grandparents, and for once JAG's complaining ceased, if only for a moment. Contentment.

We said our goodbyes to the grandparents and Micah, and were off to the mainland. We dropped Dominic off with Greg and Cindy in Seekonk, visited for a while, and watched the short horror films Dominic had made with the video feature on his digital still camera. I was quite impressed, and I encouraged him to keep up the good work. I also uploaded his files to my server for later editing.

We went from there to BMH, unloaded the trunk, loaded up again with our gear and were back out just like that. We got to the laundromat around 7:30pm, and were there for about two hours, rolling tape most of the time. It was very chaotic, but very collaborative, since I was shooting the film within a film that Jeremy was supposed to be directing. So, I let him lead, and worked ideas back and forth. We threw in references to WKW, Godard, Kubrick, and even references to the original laundromat experience with Cleary. I guess that's sort of a self-reference.

Carl spoke some Chinese, some French, and a little English. He came prepared, in costume and ready to act. He did a fine job. His girlfriend Erin played the love interest. She did a fine job of ignoring Carl's advances, but we couldn't figure out if it was acting or reality.

We shot nearly two hours of footage for this short film that was envisioned to be around three minutes long. Perhaps it will run longer? It may even be the highlight of this whole Chinese Movie.

We had a wrap party at Acapulco's. Nearly a wrap party, since we still had two scenes with Jeremy to shoot and diminishing time and locations still available. On the way out of the parking lot, Angie and JAG started a snowball fight and chasing each other around, which led to JAG slipped on some ice and dislocating his knee and lower leg. He just sort of lay there twitching and shrieking, and we didn't know what to make of it. After a while we got him up and regrouped at BMH. We decided to take him to the hospital, which was itself about twenty minutes away.

On the way, Jeremy and I taped the interview portion of the crew scene, which was intended to be in a car at night, anyway. At the hospital I brought the camera in with me and was taping JAG. Apparently this is no longer allowed, and a security officer asked me to turn it off. JAG got checked out, x-rayed, and wrapped up, released with a prescription. Back in Franklin, Angie went in to CVS to fill the prescription and Jeremy and I taped dialog for the casting call in the car. So, upon arrival back in Phoenix, I have to shoot, not only auditioning actors for the part, but Jeremy's side of it, with him shrouded in darkness and use the audio I taped. Nice, but at least it will allow me to get exactly the shot I want for that end of the room. We jumped out of the car and taped the post-casting call interview segment at the CVS. Cool, now that's a wrap on our Massachusetts unit.

Back at BMH and too jacked up to sleep. It's 3:18am and we have to get up early. This day is going to be a nightmare.

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