Winter Vacation - La Fin

It was a horrible day indeed. After getting four not-so-great hours of sleep we were up again, furiously packing. We had a farewell breakfast with Big Momma and Darrell at Cracker Barrel, and got to the airport. We had to take two cars on account of all the luggage we had. Five checked bags and two carry-ons. Far to much for two people to handle. Then there was JAG and his ginormous bag which we toted around because he was on crutches and a wheelchair.

The flight back was almost six hours long. It must be winds or the route, but it's always around four hours going out East and six coming back. This is not a miscalculation based on time zone changes, this is actual flight time. It was hellish. We were sitting next to an elderly lady who likely had Alzheimer's and was very confused the whole flight. She didn't seem to know where she was coming from or going to, and named at least three different people that she thought were going to pick her up, none of which ended up being the case. When we landed, we helped her out to her family. Very sad. Also, I had a headache and stomachache the whole time.

Back at home, JAG got picked up by his family and Joe and Bonnie were there for us. We went to dinner at Elephant Bar, and sleepily got ourselves home. We're all but dead.

Anyway, great trip. Very busy. Also very successful. Of everything I set out to do, only the TMINM music video did not get done, and that was an afterthought, in any case. I used 18 of the 20 miniDV tapes I brought out with me, and used them up well, combining projects to fill tapes. I have a notepad that will help me sort it all out. I'm strongly considering building a new computer in the next week to help me edit everything.

Gabe, thanks for the camcorder, it saved my life in one case. Brock, thanks for your guidance. Jeremy and Carl, thanks for playing along. Molly, thanks for letting Jeremy go from time to time. Micah, JAG, and Angie, thanks for being a great crew and all the other contributions. Big Momma and Darrell, thanks for the place to stay (and having Micah and JAG as well), the use or the cars, and everything else. Everyone else, I love you. Peace, I'm out. Westsiiide!


Jeremy said...

You're complaining about 6 hours? Please! Molly and I will be doing the ol' 6:35 just to get to SF. Then we've got another solid 6:00 waiting for us after that to get to Kauai. 6 is a piece of cake.

Gabe said...

You're welcome! Now get up! Let's get to work! Na, I'll let you rest some.

Brock said...

You're welcome (although I don't feel like I did much of anything). Glad you're back though! I hope JAG feels better. What a way to end the trip, huh?