Winter Vacation - Day Thirteen

Finally a real day off on my vacation. We got up around ten, got ready, packed up and drove to the Cape to see the grandparents. We picked up Dominic on the way. The car ride with him was better than expected. He's become more funny than annoying over time.

Dominic is thirteen or fourteen and he's way too into video games. I was shocked he didn't bring his Nintendo DS along. It's the first time I've seen him without a video game in his hand in years. Oddly, he's got lots of CD cases of popular bands, but none of the CDs. He just carries the cases around to impress hot chicks, or so he says.

We got to the Cape House and settled in. They had some soup ready and lasagna for dinner after that. Their house is very comfortable. Too comfortable, it makes me sleepy. We ate, watched Columbo, went to the meeting, then watched I, Robot (predictable, but not as bad as I expected), Meet The Parents, and now Out of Sight is on. In between, a quick game of chess in which JAG resigned after five turns. Quitter!

That's it, I'm feeling quite relaxed. It's about time.

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