Winter Vacation - Day Nine

Another early start today, up and to the meeting. Then, a Chinese buffet for lunch. I even busted out some Chinese: shufu chenshan (comfortable sweater), that's all I remembered off the top of my head.

Back home, everyone took a nap while Micah and I praticed. Eventually, Carl showed up, then Jeremy, and we continued to practice. At this point, we've been through nearly all of the songs, most of them a number of times.

We packed up and moved the whole proceedings over to Gordy's place. We were supposed to jam with Debue, but half the band wasn't there, only Gordy on drums and Johnny O. on bass. Basically, we just extended to TMINM practice with additional members, and jammed out a little bit. We played a few Cleary songs, jammed on a Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl riff of all things, and Micah impressed with his original "Underwater" and a cover of Radiohead's "Nice Dream."

Digressing for a moment, before we left we shot some more of Chinese Movie, scene 5, "Getting a Crew" outside BMH and on the way over we shot the interview part of scene 3, "Location Scouting" at a cool construction site.

After Gordy's we went to Acapulco's for dinner. I got the Arroz con Pollo. It's been hard to find good Mexican food on the East Coast, but Acupulco's is the best yet. The style of cooking is definitely not Sonoran, but my dish was great, onions, peppers, and chicken in a red sauce over spanish rice.

Back at home, we chilled out playing a game of Risk 2210 A.D. OK, we didn't really chill out. It was pretty tense. Jeremy had to go, so he went on a suicide mission and wrecked the game.

We were supposed to shoot scenes 7 and 8 in the laudromat, but found out it closed at 11:00pm on the way to Acapulco's. We called off Carl, who had left early from the Debue jam session to go practice with Ship High In Transit (it's best that I don't abbreviate their band name). All in all, Carl put in a hard days work practicing with three bands in three different locations. We've reschedule the shooting of these scenes to Friday night. Aside from that, we're left with only the interview from scene 5 and all of scene 6, "Casting Call," to finish all the shooting we'll do out here.

Tomorrow is our first show, and we're hardly ready, but it will still be great. All the rest of our nights are booked up, so no TMINM video, but we're still rolling on the documentary.

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Brock said...

Man oh man...tonight was the show. It's going to be interesting to hear about that.