Winter Vacation - Day Eleven

This morning we were up at 11:00am. Seems like it's getting later and later each day. We went to the 1:00pm book study. After that we set the pratice room back up, but got diverted into playing the game of Risk we have been at for three days. A pointless game, this one is. It was over after the first turn, but we have some strange equilibrium in which no one can win. It's like War Games. Oh, it is a war game.

At 4:30 we worked out the evenings plans with Jeremy. We high-tailed it to La Cantina for some dinner, then back to the house to practice. Jeremy, Micah, and I ran through most of the new setlist with Angie on bass as a stand-in. Carl got there and we got through two more songs before Jeremy had to leave, and now Angie was singing for us in Jeremy's stead. We actually worked out a lot of details this time around. Good communication and good suggestions. I broke the high E string on Carl's guitar, so that's one more thing we have to worry about fixing tomorrow.

At 9:00, the parents pulled the plug on the jamming and we started a new Risk game. Just finished it up, too. Even at five hours and change, it was one of the faster Risk games I have played. Had Friendly's sundaes during the game. That's it, doesn't seem like a lot. Got to get up earlier to accomplish things, I guess.


Jeremy said...

I was wondering why your posts keep getting shorter and shorter, but it actually makes sense. As you keep waking up later and later each day you have less time in the day to do fun stuff ... and thus the short posts.

Does Angie just want to do the singing tonight at Zeitgeist? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it.

Joshua Provost said...

Will you cut it out with this "Be ready to play instrumental" crap!

Jeremy said...

That's a classic! It gets you nervous every time.

Joshua Provost said...

Just wait for my call: "Be ready to sing a capella."

BTW, I should mention that I have been backdating almost all of my posts. I don't actually go to bed at 11:59 every night. I just wanted the dates and posts to match. So there.

Jeremy said...

That's kind of funny, because I pre-dated my posts. I wanted them to show up on the 5th because I knew you were going to write in after me with your daily and push my posts to the bottom. Jerk!

Jeremy said...

I don't know if "pre-dated" is what I was going for there. I dated them for the future.