The 53 Best Moon Is No More Songs - Such Things To Such People - 9

9. Such Things To Such People

I'm mobile blogging number 9. I'm not sure how Joshua feels about this song but it was always one of my favorites. I always felt it was under
utilized in our repitoire.

The music is simple in an easy-to-like kind of way. The chorus gets powerful. The vocals have a unique feel to them (maybe Mellencamp-esque? Not sure).

The lyrics have this certain duality to them. There probably isn't
another Moon Is No More song that accurately nails the "everyone is
good, everyone is bad" theme that's so prevalent in Sans Hands. It
sounds personal because the uses the first person, so you really start
to feel for this guy. Then you realize how self-righteous he is and
you feel like turning on him. Yet at the same time you can't shake the

I recall that the one time we allowed Skippy to be part of the band we
played this song a number of times. He added a very interesting second
guitar to the mix. I remember really liking it but also having a hard
time singing to it. It threw off my rhythm. But I guess that's normal
when you don't play guitar with any rhythm.


Joshua Provost said...

Mobile blogging... I'm all for it if it gets the job done.

This song is right up there on my list. It has been almost perfect from its inception.

Micah did a good job drumming, but this was one song that took a while to convince him to really take it down coming out of the choruses. That's the beautiful part of this song, when it gets slow and dreamy coming out of the loud choruses. Eventually, we got it.

I do believe this was the only song we played twice on our 2005 mini-tour. It was so good we brought it back for the second night.

Jeremy said...

My favorite thing about this song is how we had been playing it for quite some time and then all of a sudden you realized that Pedro the Lion has a song called Such Bad Things To Such Good People. I think that really upset you.

I just take my cue from Linkous. He's all about borrowing lines or phrases to inspire a song.

Joshua Provost said...

Disappointed, I wouldn't say that. More like incredulity. All along I thought you were so creative and unique, and then I found out the reality. Even so, not as much as when I was listening to "Nude As the News" and realized where you copped "reversible roles" from, and that wasn't all that long ago.

No, I won't really take anything away from you. Seemlessly integrating choice lines, making them your own, and building great songs around them is an art form in and of itself.