Back To The Grind

I start my new job in the morning. It's with a company I've been around and people I have worked with, so it won't be an entirely new experience. It'll be smooth sailing as far as first day's go, as far as I can tell. The tough part will be getting back in the routine after eight weeks of goofing off.

I'm not entirely satisfied with what I did with those eight weeks. As it goes with time's of unemployment (voluntary or otherwise), there is some level of stress and unceratinty. Without knowing when or where your going to be working next, you never end up taking full advantage of the time you have. There is also the factor of dwindling funds in the bank account that makes unemployment very different than other periods of "vacation."

The first week or two I was going like gangbusters on Tim Nm, CPA. After a year and half, I actually pulled out the stack of tapes, captured, screened, and rough edited nearly the entire film. Darn, I'm just now realizing that I never got the audition scene shot, which goes to prove my point. Getting everything set for the Wildlifeless studio shoot would have been nearly impossible were I employed, as well. Other than that, I am aware I worked on a lot of things, but finished very little.

Well, time to get to bed, get to work, and get on with things. Let's hope this is the last job I have in Phoenix.

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