The 53 Best Moon Is No More Songs - Business - 4

4. Business

OK, let's see if I can finally finish this list off.

No surprise to see a more recent song near the top. I think both Joshua and I showed a little bit of our experience when we finally got to the 12 Brothers EP. This song is an exceptional example of that.

Some lyrical highlights for me:

- "Our mothers used to say..." The reference to mothers in the plural indicates that various women were involved in the conception of this family. And that lines up with the original story.
- "The customer's right always so stay open late but make sure you get paid." I'll never forget my moment of enlightenment when I changed the word "and" to "but."
- "All's fair in love and war between brothers at the family store." I don't remember when this part was actually written. It almost got thrown away but Joshua showed his skill and worked in. Perfect! With time I like the line more and more and it provides a great ending to the song.

I never get sick of listening to this song.

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Joshua Provost said...

A good song and a lot of fun to play live.