The 53 Best Moon Is No More Songs - Inheritance - 3

3. Inheritance

Here is my favorite songs from 12 Brothers. Really, this song, Business, and Balance are all so close in my mind. This song gets the edge, though, for a few reasons:

1. It was the first song that I wrote for 12 Brothers. Let's face it, if this didn't go well then the rest of 12 Brothers doesn't even happen. Without this song there is no Business or Balance. That's critical. As it turns out, I was so tickled by this song that I felt the burst of inspiration and quickly was able to get the other songs written.

2. This is probably the only song where I feel I hold legitimate claim to the melody. Right from when I first started writing the lyrics I had a melody in mind. And it was a decent melody. It contained changes, it had a whole two-part chorus, fantastic! And you know what? The version that Joshua recorded is very true to my original melody.

3. The dual chorus ("AT LAST! at last... A SON! a son... that's unlike every other one") is spectacular. It jumps out at me as the type of effective technique we never would have come up with years before.

4. I love how quickly the song turns from a bright happy tale of birth to some strange twisted family drama. The music complements this change in direction perfectly.

5. The song quickly takes you through three points of view in a rather quick manner. Yet it never feels forced or awkward, and you never lose your place, so to speak. I tried the change of perspective in old the Moon Is No More songs without as much success.

6. I finally included an exitlude that worked and actually made the cut ("And all eleven walked away to bide their time for some later date").

Joshua's recording, which includes guitar, drums and vocals (and maybe some hot ash bass, I'm not sure) is great for a quick one man show. In fact, because he did such a thorough job on this demo it probably let me down a bit when the other songs he sent weren't as polished from an instrumentation perspective (guitar-only). Maybe that gives this song another artificial boost. In any case, one of the best!

We're getting so close to number #1. Can you feel the endorphins? I haven't felt this excited since I sunk a birdie at Fore Kicks. Which song do you think will be #1?


Joshua Provost said...

C'mon, 80-160 yard holes? My only par ever was on a 400-something yard par 4 over at Gary's neighborhood course.

We need to hit that Norfolk course when I come out in Sep/Oct!

Jeremy said...

Really? No thoughts whatsoever about the song selection?