MOC Doco, Part I

Today we shot the first interview footage for the upcoming MOC documentary. The documentary will cover the fun and experiences of making our first seventeen films. It will be included on a DVD release featuring those films.

Today's subject was Gabe, who did great. Next weekend, Brock. Later, Angie and I, and as many of our friends and enemies as we can round up. We'll hit the streets at some point to revisit the locations of a number of our films, and dig up all of our raw footage to show some of the behinds-the-scenes antics and movie magic.


Joshua Provost said...

Ah, ignore the picture. Somehow it's washed out compared to the real version. Maybe it looks good on Mac, but PC IE doesn't obey the color profiles.

timdan said...

Doesn't look to good on the Mac either. Could be a blogger image compression issue.

Looking forward to seeing the Doc!