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My Blueberry Nights: Nicely Told

The similarities to Chungking Express are amazing. Notice that he's using a pop star making her film debut (a la Faye Wong). A key left with a diner owner. Romance. A desire to travel. I'm sure there's more, that's just from reading the review.


Joshua Provost said...

There's some good info on the Cannes web site, too. Just read this morning excerpts from a press conference with WKW, Jude, and Norah. Seems he was big on exploring the physical distances of love, how one can be very close, but very far away, etc. Totally along the lines of CKE, except CKE was more about time, how they toushed for .001 seconds, right?

Next year... Days of Being Wrinle Free at Cannes!

Joshua Provost said...

My oh my, she eats blueberry pies (with ice cream)!