Already, I'm starting to see a pattern here: I post some potentially useful and/or timesaving information (see CL vs. MB, below) and you rant about how pointless what I am doing is.  Interesting.
I think blogs come back to our secret exhibitionism.  We could easily be emailing each other.  Instead, we're making a scene in public, as it were.
I will defend that hopefully some of this will be useful.  Take Brock's blog for an example.  Solid film and record reviews.  He's not writing for a zine, but the quality of the writing and analysis is better than most.  That'll get spidered, and a Google for "beastie boys five boroughs review" will bring it up, in time.  And my stuff about film look for video will come up in the same searches I exhaustively performed over the last few days.
It's all good-nood in the hood-nood.

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