Vonnegut Lives!

Kurt Vonnegut is still kicking at age 81, and every little bit as entertaining...

Cold Turkey

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Carl Provost said...

A word on Kurt.

It's good to see that even in his escalated years, he is still able write and think in a coherent manner. I was surprised at how he still finds the strength to go out on the weekends, and enjoy himself like the rest of us. For evidence of this refer back to the second verse:

‘I got crazy drunk and messed up fighting in the mosh pit at a concert at the Middle East in Cambridge over Christmas break.’

It’s in there, go back and read it for yourself if you don’t believe me. Assumedly he was visiting his son while at Harvard Medical School. Though to me it sounds like KV is the one that belongs in the mental institution, with his frail bones and weakened condition the padded wall should give him comfort and offer the appropriate amount of protection in these, his last days on earth.

Long live Kurt!

Carl Provost