Why "Try Avoidance"?

What I can't understand is, why call this blog Try Avoidance? I mean, what does that phrase really mean anyway? I did not name the blog myself (that honor goes to Joshua), but let's try to explain anyway.
First we'll begin with a definition of the two words that make up the title of this blog.
Try: To make an effort to do or accomplish (something); attempt: tried to ski. But a definition that I think is more appropriate in the context of this phrase would be the following: To test or use experimentally.
Avoidance: A dismissing or a quitting; removal; withdrawal. Deliberately avoiding. 
I like the thought of testing or using experimentally a withdrawal or deliberate avoiding of something. But what are we avoiding? And doesn't the thought of trying something really leave a lot of room for failing at something? Certainly.
But here's the thing: there is no avoidance involved in the creation and maintenance of this blog. If anything, the exact opposite situation is going on. To blog is to embrace, to share, to open yourself up to the scrutiny of every single stranger that may stumble across this acre of CS. It's the anti-avoidance: confrontation.
So I vote for a name change.

And, Joshua, you hijacked my Courier font. I want it back.

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Anonymous said...

Can you over analysis this any more? I think only you could... But the very disfunctionality of the name of the Blog lets you know the type of people who are writing it and it seems to reflect certain aspects of both your personalities.