Officer William Yanco

We don't believe!? Ha! My reverse jinx worked out just as I had planned. The Sox are in, baby! Of course, all that means is that they're going to lose in the World Series instead of the ALCS, but its all good.

Turning our attention to music through technology for a moment, I was deep in thought this evening, reaching way back into my long-term memory to pull out something I thought could be special. I had one of those Google Desktop Search moments; you know you've seen something on your computer screen before and you have to track it back down. Unfortunately, this occurred before the invention of Google Desktop Search, so that doesn't do me much good.

So I just reverted to the classic Google search and found exactly what I needed. You see, 12 Brothers has been sitting stagnant for a while and its anybodies guess when Joshua will actually complete the music or stir up some motivation to begin the 12 man, cross country recording project. Thus, its time to move on.

This project, which I assume will become another EP (as yet unnamed, but you can probably guess what I'm leaning towards), is in the extremely preliminary stages. I'm not even sure if it will come to fruition. For the time being it will have to be just research, research, research.

I don't want to give it all away, but I'll leave you with the juicy tidbits below. Enjoy!



Joshua Provost said...

First off, Mom would be proud of your legal citations. Good work.

Having given this a thorough judicial review, I must uphold the decision of the Appeals Court to deny Mrs. Yanco's claim. These events, though trajic, were not within the pervue of the intention of the statute.

How strange to see Jeffrey L. Allen's name on actual court documents. All of the sudden it hits me that I am living in a TMINM reality when it comes to JLA. This was a real person, and everything I know about this "character" may or may not be true. However, it is most likely all true, as all the details about all the other "characters" are all true.

Finally, I assume the EP would be based on the events that led to the court case, not the case itself?

Jeremy said...

The plaintiff certainly makes an interesting case, but I, too, must support the ruling of the court. Its decision was well-founded. Personally, I would have made the case against the woman who falsely accused Mr. Yanco. But I guess you have to go where the money is.

As far as the accuracy of JLA's story, I would hate to spoil the fun by giving you a definitive answer. We'll just leave it at that.

The EP would primarily focus on pre-court events. Though the court case could make for an interesting final track.