Too Good To Pass Up

How about the complete first season of 24 for $14.99? Sounds ludicrous, right? Click here. I didn't get into 24 until season three, so I've never seen these before. I may just have to pick this up.


Gabe said...

That's funny, I got away from 24 around the 3rd season. After watching the first two seasons religously, I felt like plots were being rehashed and lost interest. $14.99 is a straight-up good deal!

Joshua Provost said...

Ordered and on its way, along with a couple books about obscure music, to qualify for FREE Super Saver shipping.

The third season was my first exposure. I rejected the whole concept prior to that on the grounds that it was too gimicky.

It's strange that it seems not all is set in stone in advance, and some plot elements are pursued or dropped based on audience feedback within the current season.

Jeremy said...

Heh! I, too, was wondering what purchases I would use to flush out my order and qualify for free shipping.

When you say that it's ordered ... does that mean that you ordered a copy for me or just for yourself?

Jeremy said...

I just ordered it. I went with "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" about that guy who lost his arm while rock climbing. Molly wanted to read that and it was like 40% off.

I "Shared the Love" by sending Joshua a 10% discount on the 24 DVD. Too bad he's already ordered it. I don't know why he didn't share the love with me. Nice, brotha!

Anyway, I'd be happy to share the love with anyone else who plans on purchasing this. Gabe? Brock H. Brown?

Gabe said...

Hmm, maybe. I've yet to buy a TV series on DVD. I don't know if I have a stigma against it or not. So far I've just borrowed sets, like The Simpsons and Cheers.

Jeremy said...

Sorry, it looks like you can only share the love at the time of purchase. I can't find a way to send it to you. You could just have Joshua purchase it for you with his share the love invite.

Anybody: feel free to share the love with me on any purchases.

Brock said...

Can I share the love by reading your blog?