Arizona Citizen, Part IV

Arizona Citizen advanced to the final round of Screen Wars Western, and the voting is now closed. It's in the books! Nothing we can do now to improve it's chances of winning. Brock's interview, though delivered brilliantly, was edited in a way to suck the life and character out of him, making him seem almost normal. That is a shame. Perhaps if the film wins big, they'll dig up some of his great quotes for a longer interview.

As of right now, I am very much prepared for Bad Whiskey to win it all. It was a very impressive film, and it won in a landslide in week one, blowing away our other submissions. I guess I could pick nits and point out a few flaws and make ourselves feel better, but it did so many things so very well, it's not worth it. I'll admit it, I did the noble thing and voted for it in week one. I like it a lot. If we lose to it, I can live with that.

On the other hand, Arizona Citizen is very much a simple, understated idea, charming in it's own right, but not something that people will catch on to, most likely. I'm very proud of it, and very glad we didn't just pack it in and go home, but stuck it out to make this film in under a half an hour. Here's to winning some awards!


Brock said...

Yeah, I wish they hadn't done that to my interview. Oh well...

I like Arizona Citizen, but if you're gonna lose, lose to the best. I think Bad Whiskey is a great film to lose to.

Brock said...

Critics rave: "Gabe Loyer is magnetic. The finest character actor of our generation."