Moon Me

It's been a fun day.

It all started with
Google Moon.

It moved along to Google Earth.

Best. Application. Ever.

You have to download and install it to your local computer but it's well worth it.

Then I realized that my dream of mapping and categorizing every basketball court in New England was now a real possibility.

Here's a sample of the Best. Court. Ever.

I know there's probably categories that I'm missing. But what? A category for how good the competition is at a given court? I feel some database programming coming on.

So far I have the following basketball courts documented and pinpointed:
  • Texas Instruments Gym

  • Fidelity Investments Williams Street Hoops

  • Fidelity Investments Puritan Way Hoops

  • Johnson School

  • Coolidge Field

  • Joshua J. Provost Memorial Gym

  • King Street Memorial Park


Joshua Provost said...

Wow, that is pretty wild!

Don't forget the court outside Brown School, and inside (the BIP incident). Natick High (outdoors next to the lake and indoors, also a universal key situation). Loring. Bowditch (sp?). Wayland Middle(?) School (the dome). Newton North. Framingham YMCA. Gus's House (bank swish mmm diss). How about the people across the street from the cape house (has that rim ever been fixed?)?

We have to ball in October!

Joshua Provost said...

BTW, what's with all these huge pictures, they mess up the blog. Max width of 425, maybe 450, please.

Gabe said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! Did you zoom in on the moon all the way? Those silly people at Google!

Joshua Provost said...

Oh, man, that kills me!