Matter of Chance, The Next Twelve Months

If I don't make a list, I'll never get anything done. With that in mind, here is a Matter of Chance to do list, with tasks for all of us, in no particular order.

1. Submit last years films to select film festivals
2. Finish Tim Nm, CPA
3. Finish The Subject
4. Finish TMINM music video (woods footage)
5. Finish TMINM documentary
6. I'm Not Crazy, Pantomiming, and Inside Out Director's Cuts
7. Release MoC DVD
8. Intenser Math (Screenplay, Gabe?)
9. Tim Nm 2 (already conceptualized)
10. Wildlifeless
11. Young Castro (starring Gabe)
12. Brothers/California story
13. Songwriter?
14. Update MoC web site

What else do we have?


Brock said...

Quite a list. Good work. The only other thing I can think of (and this all depends on reaction to the first film) is Leonardo 2. Maybe.

Joshua Provost said...

Hey, I would love to work on a 2nd Leonardo film, if Marco's game. I'm sure there are a hundred stories you could write for this character, and wild depths to be plumbed for the artist metaphor. So, the next challenge is transforming Phoenix into Sardinia so Leo can take a vacation.

RGL said...

Congratulations, Matter of Chance'rs!

From a fan and hopefully future colleague.

P.S. - Suggestion for Leonardo sequel title: "No, Scuze ME!"

Joshua Provost said...

Take a good look at this picture of Fidel. C'mon, Zoe makes that face all the time!

Gabe said...

Ha! Indeed. I'm up for playing a young Castro.
Leo 2 - Do you think Marco and Angie are up for a make out scene? Just kidding!
Intenser Math - I think I'd like to give a sequel a stab. At first, I didn't want to mess with a good thing.
Songwriter - I'll need a new job if I want to finish that thing. But that may be soon.