Bretton Woods

Finally! After seven years off, I went skiing last Friday. The location was Bretton Woods, near Mount Washington, in Northern New Hampshire.

We weren't quite sure where we were going to ski, even up to Thursday night. It had been raining across most of New England on Thursday, with more coming on Friday. We scoped out almost every ski resort in New England, and found Bretton Woods had only had drizzle part of Thursday, turning into snow at night with snow all day on Friday. Sounded good.

We headed out at 8am Friday morning with JAG in tow, picked up Carl in Natick, and headed North three more hours. We got there just at the right time to check in and get half-day passes. Between the car and the base lodge adjusting hats and gloves, I managed to lose my wedding ring, only realizing it when I got in to rent skis. We backtracked and Carl eventually found it in the middle of the parking lot, where I had checked two or three times already and missed it. Yikes!

Angie was skiing for the first time, so I took her over to ski school. She did really well, much better than I thought. Actually, what I thought was that she'd never be able to ski at all, but she did it, and got pretty good at it. JAG was trying to snowboard for the first time, so Carl got him started. I think he made it up and down the bunny slope (nay, the learning area) a couple of time. Maybe not the most value for his money, but I'm glad he tried it out.

I blasted out of there and hit the lift. I ended up getting six good runs (and a couple of runs on the learning area with Angie) in before they closed the lifts at 4pm. I was shamelessly giddy about the whole thing. I was born to ski, I love it, I just had forgotten how much I do enjoy it. The trails were great. A couple of nice fast runs, some winding runs, a couple of bump runs, and a leisurely two-mile long trail from the summit to the base, around the side of the mountain. I even busted a couple jumps.

Anyway, I can't wait to go again. I'm not going to let it go seven years, that's for sure. Maybe we can head up to Colorado with Gabe at some point? Anybody want to ski?


Gabe said...

Heck yeah! Especially that Southwest now flies to Denver, flights are a lot cheaper. They were advertising $59 one way.

Joshua Provost said...

Wow, I didn't know they were opening up service. Four non-stops a day from Phoenix. You can fly out on a Friday night at 9pm, and come back Sunday night. The skiing would probably cost more than the flight!

Lorenzo said...

Id love too learn how.