Outside In Color Correction

A while ago Brock and I discussed getting Outside In up to spec for general release. So far, this film has stayed off the web site due to uncleared music. Also, we talked about some color correction. In general, the original uncorrected footage was a bit washed out with a slight blue tint. We talked about getting the tint and contrast right, and really making the reds (Gary's tie, clerks shirt) and golds (mailboxes) pop. I had some time today, so I took the footage into After Effects and color corrected the whole thing (pending Brock's approval). Brock has a new edit of this film that I haven't yet seen. However, if the color corrected footage looks good, maybe you could take one last swipe at it, and get some licensed music as well, so the world can see the twisted masterpiece that is Outside In.


Joshua Provost said...

Brock, have you ever noticed how much flicker there is in the footage? This is because of the overhead flourescent fixtures which have a 60Hz flicker. Your DP could have corrected for this by using a 144 degree shutter angle. I'm looking into some software fixes.

Brock said...


I like how you adjusted the footage. It looks great. This is how I originally wanted the colors to be. Of course I'll sign off on this, well done.

I had noticed a bit of a flicker, but at the time we were lucky we even knew how to get the camera running - a 144 degree shutter angle would have been a completely different language to us. When I learned about flourescent fixtures and flicker in cinematography, I kicked myself for not knowing about it sooner. Anything you find to fix it would also be welcomed.

Gabe said...

What a change! Red and Gold do stand out.