12 Brothers - The Music: Inheritance

I can't promise this every night, but here is a demo I did tonight for Inheritance, with the lyric changes. It's very rough, but I got in acoustic and bass, with me on drums and backup vocals. I was think there should be a piano at the beginning, too, but didn't have the energy. You know you're in trouble when I bust out the old PC mic. Be warned.


Jeremy said...

I for one really enjoyed what you've done with this, Josh. You have definitely made it darker than I imagined it, but it really seems to work. Probably wouldn't want it any other way now.

I've already played this song about a half-dozen times on my iPod. I'm hooked.

Very nice transition from the four main lines of the verse to the two final lines.

Excellent work with the chorus. That's pretty much what I had been trying to explain for you. The pause is the key and you accomplished that in a fine manner.

The importance of the "complication" change is very evident now that I've heard it. You were absolutely right, the old lyric would not have worked well from a musical perspective and it would have carried much less weight from an emotional perspective.

Hopefully you'll be able to do this regularly until the entire EP is done. ;)

Joshua Provost said...

Glad you like it. Feel free to bust out some musical ideas when you post the next lyrics.

It's not bad, there are four different guitar parts. I'm still having a tough time writing interesting bass parts that don't simply follow the guitar part. What you said about the pauses during the chorus gave me an idea, though. For each measure, the first four bass notes should be normal, then I should bust out some high notes during the pause.

What do you think about the location of the final two lines? Should they be at the very end? I need to clean up the last half of the song, it wanders aimlessly a bit.

If we can get these songs demo'd and get feedback on them, I can do them up right at some point.

Jer, bonus boy, hook me up with one these, and I'll get it done even faster, and much better quality.

Mackie Onyx 1620 16-channel mixer w/ 8 mic pre's $779 unpublished price

Throw in one of these bad boys, and it'll be my new multi-track system.

Mackie Onyx Firewire I/O Card

Heck, if you get me the mixer, I'll spring for the card. What do you say?

Brock said...

I'll have to listen to this song a few more times, but Josh, Angie, my brothers and I listened to it tonight. I have to say that it's actually very catchy. Let it be said that it's very much a Provost collaboration song, but it has a different feel to it. I can't place my finger on what's different exactly, but it's good.

Gabe said...

Impressive. Purty dang decent for a PC mic too.

Jeremy said...

Ah, the beloved PC mic. For some reason we always sounded better through that thing.

I would agree with Brock that this song has a different feel to it. I'm picking up on a few things.

I mentioned to Joshua that I want this entire EP to be "simple" in a sense. No fuzzed vocals or bass, no fancy effects, just straight up plain music. Just the guitar, the bass, and the drums playing off each other. I think he's accomplished that in this recording.

He's also using live drums. You can really hear how even "bad" lives drums (not saying he's really bad, just not perfecto) are better than fake ones.

Joshua is singing. That obviously helps and gives this song a different feel.

Lyrically, this song is probably more linear in most of the things that I've done. It tells of a very specific event rather than speaking on a more emotional level.

Jeremy said...

A few other things.

Joshua putting four guitar parts in there probably trumps any other song we've done. Keep up the good work.

I like the way the bass is at the end of the song, but before you start going crazy.

I like the length and the timing of where the different lyrics are worked in. Besides Sunsets, most of these songs should be in the 3-4 minute range. Again, keeping it simple. They should also keep the same general tone that you've set here.