Time Is My Crisis, Part II

The new cut of Time Is My Crisis is now complete! It includes a new mix of the song, and lots of little changes. You can check out both the old and the new versions.


Jeremy said...

It's nice and all, but I think maybe I'm just too used to the original; seen it too many times. This one just seems false to me.

Maybe it would help if you describe what you changed, scene by scene.

Joshua Provost said...

First off, overall nearly every shot has been nudged left/right/up/down and rotated slightly to make it more level and properly framed. Due to the tripod being slightly out of level, a lot of shots were not even. Actually, right away, you can see this, because I keyframed the opening shot of the sign and steadied it.

Also, I did a better job matching the lip syncing. I even slowed down and sped up different parts of the video to get the mouth to match better.

I used far fewer cuts overall, sticking with shots for as long as possible. I tried to cut on line boundaries, not just on beats, because it was weird to cut in the middle or a word or phrase before.

I made sure I didn't use any really bad takes, where Skippy looks unconvincing and/or looks off camera.

On the scene where Skippy and hot video girl walk towards each other, I used different takes. The camera used to take a big jump on Skippy's first walk before. Now I have it so Skippy looks up, girl looks up, etc.

More cart race shots.

Jeremy said...

Intersting. I'll have to compare and contrast.