Blog Death

Ah, it's been a tough few months for this blog. Looking at the page of recent blog posts, it's just sad, really. Some of them don't even have any pictures. I mean, c'mon! March seemed to be a good month, lots of posts, because I was actually home for a while and Micah was around.

Traveling has been the thing really keeping me down, in many respects. Like last time I traveled, we eneded up seeing a lot of movies, but I didn't get to posting this time around, unfortunately. I have long list of blog topics to get to, but it just keep growing. The traveling situation is about to change for the better.

I've been very busy, actually. There is a lot of good stuff to talk about. OK, so I'm going to finish a final report for work, and then dig into it. Catch up on six months of so of blogging. Watch out!

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